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10 Things Women Hate about Men

Men have a very sharp temper. It is very similar to woman’s one but multiplied by two, three, or even four times. Here is the list of the most annoying men’s shortcomings from It can warn those girls who have not been in a long relationship with such men and inspire men to get rid of their negative qualities.

  1.   Attempts to change a woman

Men are very fond of trying to change women. Let’s imagine: a man wants to get married. It seems to him that this particular girl completely suites him. But there are appear claims after a wedding: she doesn’t want to work, her hair look bad, and she doesn’t wear that blouse and mini-skirt, etc. In response to these attacks, a woman wants only to roll her eyes but not run to do feats for the sake of her handsome man.

  1.   Weak sexual temperament

What do women hate about men? Bad sex. Men find it difficult to understand why women need so much different sex. It is the well-known fact that in order to satisfy one woman, she needs 9 different men. And this is the truth. Women are nine times more temperamental.

  1.   Inability to build personal boundaries

It is difficult for men to understand the women’s need for solitude and the unwillingness of excessive intimacy. Many men want to be with their soulmates 24 hours a day so that women constantly entertain them with own money (women’s money also seems to them their property because of the inability to share boundaries). They constantly talk about their problems, work, colleagues, and so on, not even asking whether it is interesting to their women.

  1.   Talkativeness

Actually, this is the continuation of the previous paragraph and one of the things women hate about men. Many men are pathologically talkative. But male gossip is radically different from feminine. Women speak and listen to each other. Men constantly interrupt, listening only to themselves.

  1.   Early aging

Due to skin features, bad habits (alcohol, smoking, drugs), and inability to take care of themselves, men become old much quicker than women and by the time they reach the age of thirty, they start complaining that women ignore them but date only with the most socially successful of them. But what is so surprising? If you are not handsome, you can attract at least by the status, though this is not enough as well.

  1.      Appearance

A woman is very uncomfortable when her boyfriend doesn’t take care of himself at all; when his clothes have a bad smell and are not ironed. Also, a guy should take care of his body, face, etc. If he has problems with a skin condition and he doesn’t do anything, for example, doesn’t change his diet, then he himself shows disrespect. A girl doesn’t need a guy who doesn’t respect and appreciate himself.

  1.   High self-esteem

These guys who only think about themselves, admire only themselves, see nothing but themselves, will never help girls, but will simply use them to their advantage, for example, they will date only for the sake of sex. As a result, sooner or later, a girl understands this and runs away from this guy.

  1.   Excessive jealousy

Jealousy is what women hate about men. Paranoid jealousy is one of the most annoying masculine qualities. The desire of a man to fully control the life of his passion leads women into a rage.

  1.   Emotional aloofness

For a man, to be next to a woman means to be physically next to her. For a woman, intimacy is not only a physical connection but also an emotional one. She needs a loved one to give her all his attention.

  1.  Failure to keep promises

And the last thing in the list of 10 things women hate about men is impermanence. This extremely unhelpful habit finds rejection not only in women but also in men. Writing a word and not keeping it is considered a bad habit.