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Is Aluminium Foil Safe For Cooking? Read Below For More

Aluminium is one of the most common kinds of metals used for cooking in developing countries, according to researches.

Aluminium utensils are a cheaper alternative and are also easier to clean. While there is no harm in cooking food in aluminium utensils, wrapping foods in aluminium foil can be dangerous for our health.

Effects of aluminium on our health

Aluminium can be easily excreted from the body. Hence, minimal exposure to it is not very harmful for the body. However, most people consume much more aluminium than recommended. Corn, salt, yellow cheeses, herbs, spices and tea, all have aluminium in them. In fact, aluminium sulphate is often uses as a coagulant for purifying water.

Additionally, people suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases have been diagnosed with high quantities of aluminium in their brain tissue. Some studies also suggest that aluminium can affect the growth of human brain cells along with causing harm to patients suffering from bone diseases.

Why you should avoid aluminium foil for cooking food

According to World Health Organisation, the food cooked in aluminium foil can cause migration of aluminium to food beyond the permissible limit. Incidence of aluminium leaching into acidic food is even higher. The levels are higher when spices are added to the food. Acidic food triggers the aggressive process that absorbs layers of aluminium in food.

Glassware, an effective alternative

For preparing baked dishes, experts suggest using glassware or porcelain utensils for cooking.

Furthermore, it is considered absolutely safe to wrap cold food in foil, but only for a limited period of time. Aluminium will start leaching into the food depending on its acidic content and level of spicy ingredients.

Speaking of cooking in aluminium utensils, determining the concentration of aluminium in food is extremely important. Oxidisation of pots and other aluminium utensils provide for a layer above them, which prevents food from leaching. However, scrubbing the utensils for washing purposes can wear away this layer. To prevent this, boil water in the utensils for some time. This will create a natural oxidisation, thus preventing leaching.

Hence, one must avoid keeping food wrapped in aluminium foil for too long. Acidic and spicy foods cooked in aluminium foil can be harmful for our health.