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Amazing! This Delhi Cafe Is Hosting Pyjama Movie Nights With Popcorn & Coke For 100 Bucks Every Friday. Check Out Below

Weekends are meant for chilling. So, here is the Delhi once again ready with fun Friday for its people.

A Community Cafe called The South Delhi Kitchen in Shahpur Jat is hosting Popcorn Fridays, and you are going to love them. 

Picture this: you in your cute pajamas, with your friends, lazing around on a mattress, with a fizzy drink and popcorn to go, watching a movie at this awesome cafe, all for *wait for it* just 100 friggin’ bucks!

Watch a movie curled up on a mattress in the cafe, help yourself to come Coke and popcorns and redefine a cool Friday night.

And if that bottomless pit is struck by hunger, the cafe’s menu has some delish maggi, momos and a range of North Indian food for you to choose from.