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Reasons to try extreme vacation with your girlfriend

Due to various gender stereotypes, many of us tend to think extreme travels are for brave and physically strong men only. A company of 3-5 good pals enjoying an extreme sport vacation is a typical picture that appears in our mind when we talk about risk and adventures. However, there are different shapes and peculiarities of extreme’s definition. Any thrilling situation may be called so, and as a rule, the temperature rises precisely during a trip to unknown country. Moreover, this travel can be much better if you spend it with your girlfriend. Here are the proofs from russian dating site

1. It makes you closer. The aim of each journey with your couple is to get much closer to each other. Any unpredictable situation does this job very well. Imagine you find yourself in danger or cannot find a way out of strange circumstance. When you find a solution together, it is a sign you cooperate successfully and your relationship has chances to be perfect. Also, remember that people reveal their positive and negative sides precisely in the most uncomfortable situations.

2. Sharing unusual experience with your significant other is priceless. Everything is good when you have someone nearby to share your impressions. The best option is when that “someone” is the person you love.

3. You collect more extraordinary memories. Common memories of bright events in the past are like a glue that holds two rats together. Sometimes relationships are so boring and banal that you have nothing to remember at all. But mostly the brightest memories are connected with traveling, and the more extreme they are, the brighter impressions you get.

4. Your love gets hotter. Fear and stress boost a flaw of hormones and neurotransmitters. When you spend this period with your sexual partner, your physical desire rises. As a result, the more extreme situations you get in, the better your sex life is. Think it is fiction? Well, intimacy is actually the most common thing every person thinks about when they feel full of life.

5. You reach self-improvement. A personal self-improvement is an integral part of our lives. But in a modern world, despite the tendency of rising individualism, we need to remember about the importance of cooperating with other people. It is more difficult to travel with someone, but it also makes it more challenging and adventurous.

Extreme trip ideas

1. Skiing. The most popular type of traveling for couple is extreme winter vacation in mountains. Even if you actually don’t like snow and cold weather, you both will remember fun and stunning mountain nature: fir-trees, mountain-tops, and fantastic sunsets. The most pleasant part of a day will await you in the end, when you can have a rest in a cozy wooden house with a fireplace. Choose yourself, there are hundreds of extreme vacation resorts of the kind: Aspen, Mont-Tremblant, Zermatt, and The Austrian Alps.

2. A poor country trip. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to avoid hot spots and the countries declared dangerous for foreigners. If you want something challenging, extreme European vacation may be the best for you. Eastern Europe is not that poor as everyone think, but in comparison to the western world, the level of life there is lower, usual habits and infrastructure is much different. Another good idea for very experienced travelers are Africa and some countries of South America.

3. Travel with no maps and guides. The last type of extreme traveling requires rather more communicative skills, bright fantasy, and a sense of adventure. Don’t be afraid of investigating unknown corners of the world by yourself with the help of the closest person. Use maps and navigators in case when you face a true danger or you have no other way. And don’t forget to ask help from the locals.