Some Of The Weird Things & Practices You Won’t Find Them Anywhere Else But Happens Only In Japan

Check out the list below:

1) Taking a nap in office is considered to be a good thing in Japan

This is a very unique practice. While in other countries, employees are asked to stay active at work, Japan encourages “Nap at work”. This practice is called “Inemuri”; it is believed that if people take a short nap on the job, they can stay refreshed all day long.

2) Capsule hotels

In Japan, people don’t go behind luxury. For them, big and cozy hotels are considered to be a sheer waste of money. Japanese people prefer living in capsule hotels. These are small cabins that have just 1 bed and a TV. They are enough to serve your purpose of “Accommodation”. They are very small, but be sure that you will fit in well. Most of them are found in Tokyo.

3) Cuddle cafes

This is basically a “Sleep together shop”; men have to pay a small fee, after which they are allowed to sleep next to a girl. These cafes don’t entertain sexual requests.

4) Adults are adopted here

When we hear the term “Adoption”, the first thing that comes to our mind is children. But no, in Japan, adults are adopted too. As per statistics, 98 percent of people adopted are between 20-30 years. This practice is unusual and the reason is equally weird. Family business owners who don’t have sons to keep the name alive, opt for such adoptions.

5) Weirdest parking lot

Japan is very particular about space; unnecessary waste of space is a strict NO here. Don’t be surprised if you come across some weird methods for space saving, parking being one of them. When you go to a shopping mall, you might find a parking lot, just like the picture above.

6) Rigorous training for preparing fish

“Fugu”, It is a poisonous blowfish, and in order to be an expert in preparing that, 11 years of training is needed. One small mistake while cooking it, can kill a person. In order to get certified, Fugu chefs are required to eat the fish that they have prepared.

7) Crying rooms

This is a new trend in Japan and is specially dedicated to women who wish to get rid of stress. Women can rent these rooms, which contain tissues, eye masks and warm sheets. It is rightly said that when a woman cries, half the stress is driven away and this is why, Japan has come up with such rooms. In these crying rooms, women can watch some super-emotional movies and cry their heart out. Majority of them are found in Tokyo.

8) Banishment rooms

Banishment rooms are created by big companies, so that they don’t have to fire the employees themselves. Yes, the employees who don’t give a good performance are sent to these rooms and are asked to do some of the most boring tasks. Examples include staring at a blank spreadsheet or staring at a TV monitor for 12-13 hours constantly. In order to escape these bogus punishments, employees resign themselves.

9) Melons are very expensive

In India, people can easily afford 1 melon everyday, but in Japan, the situation is opposite. The cost of a small melon there is $300 i.e. around Rs 15,000. We really want to know the reason behind this sky-high price.

10) Slurping is appreciated

Japanese people appreciate this practice. It is said that “Slurping” is an indication of tasty food. So next time you go on a trip to Japan, don’t forget to slurp those yummy noodles.


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